Happiness is such a simple concept but it eludes so many. Maybe because we look at external factors to provide happiness. We are dealing with a lot - on a personal level and globally. How can we stay active and engaged day after day? How can we continue to empathize, to love, to be kind -  to keep our minds in a happy and joyous state when life is intricate, complicated, difficult and many times, downright disappointing? Truth is, happiness is an inside job and starts with you. Deep inside we all know what makes us happy - we just have to learn to listen to that intuitively. It's interesting that many of the things that create happiness in our...

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"Community is creating opportunities to lift each other up. Upholding compassion and empathy above all." I started working on this concept in February not aware of how this message would be magnified in our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life (the way we know on it) on so many levels - g.l.o.b.a.l.l.y. Community has been the fall back for so many - me inclusive. I live thousands of miles away from family, so community has become my 'go to' as is the story for so many other immigrants. To me, community has been one of the most precious things in my life over the past few months which brings me to the question, 'What is community to you?'  I...

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MORE THAN JUST A HASHTAG: This is a marathon - get equipped

    BLACK•LIFE•MATTERS ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 EVERY•SINGLE•BLACK•LIFE•MATTERS This is a topic that is very close to my heart - more so because I am a black woman, and... because so many of those that I love are black people, who when born into this world are considered less than because of their skin color -- something that they have no control over. My hope is that, as we carry the mantle to fight for equity and social justice, we prepare for this as we would a marathon. This is not a sprint in any way. For many of us, this fight will last our entire lifetime and the most important thing to remember here is that every voice, every action to promote...

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Kindness is a vibe

Growing up, my mother always told us to be kind - it was sort of a mantra in our household. Now that I am older, and can look back in introspection, I believe she had cracked the code to humanity and wanted to pass it on to her children. Kindness is vibe. ✨ The oxford languages dictionary defines kindness as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. These are all descriptions that many of us look for in relationships -- whether personal or professional. Kindness is not easy to come by and I believe it's because it takes great courage and strength to practice kindness in a world that might not be so kind to one. Kindness does not...

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They say that your attitude determines your altitude and I'm inclined to shout that at the top of a mountain top because it's so freakin' true. The oxford languages dictionary defines attitude as a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior. So attitude is pretty much how we decide to show up in the world. I believe that attitude is that unseen force that drives us to live that way we do, to think the way we think and to say what we say. It's the landmark of our achievements, both great and small. The way we appear in the world is largely influenced by our personal attitude -- is...

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