It's been weeks... 6 or so since the pandemic lockdown. Many of us have been juggling working online as well as providing care for our children or other family members amidst great uncertainty.

Looking back... I am G.R.A.T.E.F.U.L for the small things that have made the 'social distancing' transition smoother.

I am grateful for technology that has helped me work remotely, grateful for those that have created virtual spaces so that we can keep 'human connections' going, grateful for those that have continually checked in on us just to make sure that we are ok and ... grateful that mother-nature can breathe a little easier with the reduction in pollution.

I am also very thankful for those on the frontlines making sure our basic needs are being met -- the medical personnel, food processing workers (& farmers), grocery store workers, delivery / courier personnel, and to all those that are volunteering  their time and  resources to reach those in need during  this  critical time. The list is by no means exhaustive...I know there are so many of you working tirelessly.  All I want to say is --Thank you! 😊 

Things are not the way they used to be... the times we are navigating are very uncertain, but hey,  I am just grateful that amidst all the chaos... there are things -- so many things  to be grateful for!

I am going to stay grounded in gratitude by wearing  my vibe with my cap and tee. I'll be sporting some  buttons too, in my collection.  You can shop my collection here  to keep vibing at a high level.

Rep your vibe. Wear ur vibe.






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