Happiness is such a simple concept but it eludes so many. Maybe because we look at external factors to provide happiness.
We are dealing with a lot - on a personal level and globally. How can we stay active and engaged day after day? How can we continue to empathize, to love, to be kind -  to keep our minds in a happy and joyous state when life is intricate, complicated, difficult and many times, downright disappointing?
Truth is, happiness is an inside job and starts with you. Deep inside we all know what makes us happy - we just have to learn to listen to that intuitively. It's interesting that many of the things that create happiness in our lives do not cost money, they just need a little sacrifice from us.
On a personal level, it's really that small things that increase our happiness like seeking to understand others, opting to be kinder, choosing to exercise, cleaning up your spaces and volunteering your time for the greater good.
Studies have also shown that the more time we spend in nature, the greater our sense of happiness. So go ahead, take that walk or hike, go to the beach, explore the woodland areas, go picnicking and so much more.
Other practices that come to mind include finding a work life balance, living a life of gratitude, building meaningful human connections, making healthy choices for your life, stop comparing your life to others, stop worrying - it does not change anything, and live in the moment!
So folks, happiness is a vibe and it starts with you.

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